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NEW: Super Automatic Kush - Feminized Coffeeshop Classics


- Feminized seeds
- Automatic flowering
- Available in packs of 5 and 10 seeds

- (Indica x Indica) x Ruderalis crossing
- Indoor flowering time: 60 - 70 days from seed till harvest
- Indoor yield: 1 gram per watt of light
- Outdoor harvesting: Around 60 - 70 days after planting
- Outdoor yield: Depending on climate

Super Automatic Kush is the newest variety in the Coffeeshop Classics line of Ceres Seeds. This balanced crossbreed originates from Ceres Kush and our auto-flowering Ruderalis-crossing.

The Super Automatic Kush has all the characteristics of the original, spicey tasting Kush. Only the quick flowering time of 60 to 70 days (from seed to weed) reminds that this is not 'just' Kush but Super Automatic Kush.

Super Automatic Kush is a short, compact and a very resinous plant with a high flower to leaf ratio. Within 60 - 70 days this plant produces a magnificent yield of dense heavy buds which makes this variety excelent for commercial growers aswell as Indica lovers. The typical classic hashish-like Kush flavor goes toghether with a slowly upcoming but long lasting intensive physically relaxing effect.

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