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Ceres Skunk
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Ceres Seeds - Skunk"GOOD OLD HABIT"

- Regular seeds (Also available Feminized)
- Available in packs of 15

- Sativa x Indica crossing
- Indoor flowering: 45 - 55 days
- Indoor yield: 1.0 gram per watt of light
- Outdoor harvesting: Mid October
- Outdoor yield: Depending on climate
- Greenhouse: ca. 500 grams per plant

This is Ceres Seeds' own version of good-old skunk! It is THE original Indica x Sativa hybrid; odourous and powerful. Ceres Skunk is a reliable strain that was created for quick flowering and easy gardening.  The huge, crystal coated buds, the scent and the knocked-out effect of this heavy yielding  plant have a solid and long lasting impact on all six senses. Ceres Skunk is Musky and sweet in taste, and the effects are heavy as stone!

Skunk is notorious worldwide for its potency, to the extent that the word 'skunk' has become synonymous to any kind of powerful marijuana. Real Skunk, however, is famous for her rock solid genetics and is therefore a favourite among breeders when developing new hybrids. This classic evergreen is widely celebrated because of its eagerness to grow, quick flowering time, huge yields and its heavy-caliber buzz. She is the perfect plant for any grower regardless of condition or level of expertise. The Skunk thrives outdoors as well as indoors, and both experts and noobies will have success with a Ceres Skunk.

This strain is also well known for its pungent and penetrating smell, she was not named after the smelliest animal on earth for no reason! There is just something about the Skunk effect; either you love it or you don't. If you are one of those who enjoy a “Big Bang!” when you smoke up, and who enjoy a real knock-out experience, you are likely to find yourself among the lovers of Skunk, and will no doubt be content with Ceres Skunk.

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