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John Sinclair Indica Feminized
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John Sinclair Indica Feminized John Sinclair Indica ’Viper’

- Available
Feminized and Regular
- Breed: (Indica x Skunk) x Indica
- Flowering: 55-60 days
- Yield: 0.9-1.1 per Watt of light

As a medical cannabis patient John Sinclair has always appreciated potent marijuana.
The powerful Viper has an intense physical effect that relaxes you without the ‘knock-out effect’ that for instance a Skunk provides. It gives the sensation of walking through the surf or on the moon while still allowing you to get on with your day in a normal fashion.

Indica strains are the crop of choice in most areas around the world where hashish is produced. It is therefore no coincidence when the taste of John Sinclair Indica takes you back, in spirit, to the mountains where this variety originated.

John Sinclair Indica is a short, compact and fast flowering plant that abundantly produces tightly clustered, resin-covered buds that have a light but distinct herbal, almost musky scent . John Sinclair Indica has few leaves and those leaves are relatively big which makes for quick and easy cutting & curing.

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